Lumumba’s zipper down again


He has made a reputation for himself as a womanizer, some have gone as far as claiming if she can breathe Lumumba will attempt to bed her.  This latest scenario has broken a lot of people especially Madam Boss’s die-hard fans who thought she could keep it together. the shamelessness of it all is they have not bothered to make their indiscretions private, but are flaunting it with no remorse. Sources close to the situation have confirmed the steamy romance and revealed to us exclusively how the smitten Lumumba barely goes home to his wife.

 The two are rumored to be shacking up in a love nest at a hotel in town.  The ever scandalous Acie went on an attack on Fadzai Mahere yet he is the one who cannot keep it in his pants and respect the sanctity of marriage. Madam boss was recently accused of bedding Jah Prayzah.  I guess everything is one big joke for the comedian.