School suspends teachers over prostitution


A SCHOOL in Mashonaland West has surrendered two female students who were on teaching internship back to Seke Teachers College, accusing the pair of “high level of prostitution”.
The two are also accused of “devoting most of their time to social happiness” with different partners and colleagues’ husbands.
Murombedzi Primary School head G Mutombo said Seke Teachers College should accept the two students for disciplinary action and for reposting elsewhere.
In a letter to college authorities, Mutombo said since students B Chimuriwo (19994202K) and G Amon (1994139R) were deployed they have been reporting for duty late after having gone to bed around 0100hrs at times after busy schedules with different sexual clients.
So brazen were the pair that they were “almost collapsing several local marriages because of going out with other wives’ husbands”, said Mutombo in his letter.
According to the letter, the two were also “displaying disrespectful behaviour to the community they are serving by showing high levels of prostitution.”
Mutombo added that the two were “devoting most of their time to social happiness at the expense of their college work, resulting in continuous deterioration of their classroom practice performance.”
Also, according to the school head, the two were “ever increasing insubordination and disrespect of other student teachers and senior teacher with whom they were sharing the same school house.”
They were also “disobeying lawful instructions and advice from their mentors.”