Man hunts wife with axe after she beat him


Victoria Falls woman who was tired of being abused by her husband teamed up with a friend to beat him up at their matrimonial home, a magistrate heard here.
The man had to arm himself with an axe the following day to hunt down his wife wanting to kill her before being restrained by some residents.
Sithandazile Moyo, aged 37, spent the night at a friend’s place fearing for her life after beating her husband Karate Moyo and was terrified the following morning when she met him armed with an axe hunting her down.
Moyo, 40, told the court that his wife hatched a plan with an unnamed friend to beat him up sometime last month, allegations which the woman disputed.
Moyo pleaded not guilty to physical abuse when he appeared before magistrate Rangarirai Gakanje.
The magistrate slapped Moyo with two months in jail before effecting two more months that were suspended last year when he beat his wife again.
Moyo wills serve an effective four months in jail.
In his defence, Moyo claimed he was coming from work where he had gone to do a piece job when he met his wife with another woman he mistook for the one she had ganged up with the previous day.
“It’s not true that I wanted to kill her. I was coming from a piece job carrying an axe when I met her with another woman and I approached them intending to ask why they beat me the previous day. They started running away when they saw me coming towards them and that is when I chased after them,” said Moyo.
His wife had a different story to tell; “He started chasing after me and my friend while carrying an axe. We fled fearing that he would axe us,” said the wife.
Prosecuting, Listen Nare told the court that Moyo armed himself with an axe intending to attack his wife on July 12.
“He was wielding an axe when he chased after the complainant and her friend threatening to kill them,” said Nare.
The court heard that the two women were saved by some residents who grabbed the axe from Moyo.