Plot to tarnish Bushiri’s image unearthed


An elaborate plan to smear South African based celebrity preacher Prophet Bushiri has been revealed. As many as half a dozen women working in conjunction with some rogue journalists from local media houses (names supplied) are scheduled to meet this afternoon in Krugersdorp, a small mining town in West Rand, Gauteng.
The plan, involves creating documentaries, and doing video interviews, where the women will all claim that they dated the cleric at one point or another over the last year.
The same women, from all around the country, and the region first approached this publication asking for coverage about their ‘stories.’.
They made several claims of having intimate relationships with the man of cloth. When pressed for more details, the ladies provided often incoherent and inconsistent information, which at times was even contradictory.
When quizzed further, they then revealed that their allegations were false, but that their actions were part of a grand plan to receive worldwide attention, and hopefully extort several thousands of dollars in ‘silence fees’ from the leader of the ECG.
“He has a reputation to protect, so we know for a fact that we will get paid. And then your publication and us can share this money” one of the ladies stated in documented communication.
According to their most vocal compatriot (name known), the women had already received at least R2, 000, 000 (2 million) from two local pastors, and one internationally known pastor (names supplied) for the purpose of their project.
The women stated that they had approached the pastors, who have a ‘bone to chew’ with Prophet Bushiri and offered to help bring down the numbers at Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG) by creating controversy around the leader of the ministry.
Independent sources managed to confirm that in addition to this, several people are now being bankrolled by these men of God to attack Prophet Bushiri on Social Media Platforms; Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
Sources also added that other conventional print and online media houses in South Africa may have had their integrity compromised, as the same offer made to this publication was made to journalists working at these organisations.
The meeting slated for today, perhaps confirms that either the scribes have chosen to give these girls attention, or they have taken the bait and hatched onto this extortionate plan.
Questions were sent to the media houses in question, regarding this matter. At the time of writing, they had not responded.
The Enlightened Christian Gathering Church refused to comment in detail on the matter, with spokesperson Ephraim Nyondo saying that they “were all too used to evil machinations trying to ruin the good work of the Prophet around the world”