Man beats wife for asking him to bath


A HARARE man will regret the day he assaulted his wife for persuading him to take a bath after he was sentenced to three months imprisonment.
Kennedy Chikukwa, 31, landed in the dock after he beat his wife Vongai Nkomo, 24, at their home in Buttler Farm recently.
He was charged with physical abuse and he pleaded guilty to the offence.
Prosecutor Devoted Gwashavanhu Nyagano told court that the incident occurred on the 24th of last month when Chikukwa returned home drunk around midnight.
Upon arrival at home, his wife asked him to take a bath before she prepared the water. Court heard Chikukuwa refused and his wife continued begging him to bath which angered him.
Chikukwa then took the water which his wife had prepared for his bath and poured it into the fire before he started assaulting her with clenched fists and booted feet all over her body. Nkomo managed to escape and rushed to the police station. She sustained visible injuries and was referred to hospital before her husband was arrested.
Chikukwa was, however, given an option to pay $100 fine.