Commercial sex worker strikes unwilling man


GWERU: A 35-year-old woman has been jailed for 10 months after she assaulted a man who had resisted her sexual advances at a local pub. Memory Dube, a commercial sex worker, was at a night club at Mkoba 6 shopping centre when she attempted to seduce Sonboy Nyenyesa, 29, through sexually suggestive dances.
Dube, who recently appeared before Gweru magistrate, Judith Taruvinga, on assault charges had a previous conviction on similar charges, prompting the magistrate to give her a custodial sentence.
The lady of the night, who pleaded guilty, told court she was drunk at the time she committed the offence.
Prosecutors said the incident occurred on April 30 at around 3am when Nyenyesa was drinking beer while sitting on a stool at the night club.
Court heard Dube then advanced towards Nyenyesa and started dancing against him while the latter tried to stop her.
She (Dube) refused to stop and a misunderstanding arose between the pair during which the sex worker grabbed a beer bottle and hit Nyenyesa once on the left eye.
Nyenyesa made a police report resulting in Dube’s arrest.