Chidyausiku’s Son in court for fondling woman


LATE Chief Justice, Godfrey Chidyausiku’s son was arrested after he allegedly fondled privates of a married Harare woman recently. Tadzimirwa Bernard Chidyausiku, 28, appeared before magistrate Nomsa Sabarauta answering to indecent assault charges.
His case was referred to a later date for trial. According to the state, the incident occurred on Sunday at Chisanyama Bar when Amina Mahomed, 25, was having drinks with her husband.
It is alleged that she then visited the rest rooms when Chidyausiku followed her. Court heard the two then met when Mahomed was exiting the toilet.
Prosecutors allege that Chidyausiku then told the woman that he loved her and wanted to put a second ring on her finger as she was beautiful. Mahomed then told Chidyausiku that she was married but he allegedly ignored her before fondling her buttocks.
Court heard he followed the woman to the table where she was having drinks with her husband and continued proposing love.
This angered the husband and a fight ensued between the two men. The two were restrained before Mahomed reported her case at the police.
Chidyausiku was subsequently arrested.