Used condoms found in school bus after Mugabe rally


MDC-T MP for Budiriro, Costa Machingauta, says Zanu PF is abusing school buses during its party events alleging that some vehicles have been returned with used condoms.
Speaking in parliament, Machingauta cited a common occurrence where school buses decorate Zanu PF events as they have become a major source of transport for ferrying ruling party supporters to President Robert Mugabe’s rallies.
“What is the government policy with regards to the use of school property by politicians? Parents have been complaining because Zanu PF does not pay to use school buses,” Machingauta said.
He added, “Some used buses came back with used condoms inside while others return damaged.”
The legislator was asking during this Wednesday’s question and answer session in the national assembly.
Education deputy minister, Paul Mavhima, said government has never forced school managers to offer their buses but instead they are allowed to exercise their own discretion on how to utilise such properties profitably.
“The school makes its own decisions without consulting anyone. Some schools are fundraising when they hire their buses to churches,” he said.
Although the MDC-T MP proffered supplementary questions pressing on why the ruling party has not been paying for the use or help service the buses, the speaker of Parliament ignored him.
Raymond Majongwe, Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe secretary general, commenting on Twitter about the issue said, “The painful realities. But who pays for the wear and tear of these buses?”
Teachers and police officers have in the past been forced to contribute towards such events from their paltry salaries.