After $38 000 curtains, city CEO wants new car


GWERU residents have come guns blazing after council sought to buy a new vehicle for townnclerk Elizabeth Gwatipedza, arguing that the purchase is not a priority given the state of council finances and deteriorating service delivery.
Council has proposed to purchase a Ford Ranger twin cab vehicle for its chief executive who was appointed last December.
“The Gweru Residents Forum (GRF) notes with concern the proposed lavish spending on town clerk’s non-utility vehicle, a move which is ill-timed and disappointing,” GRF director Charles Mazoredze said.
“GRF note with concern the impetus by council to spend public resources on other issues other than service delivery.”
Mazoredze said residents appreciated that the town clerk was entitled to benefits that come with her job but pointed out that service delivery should be prioritised.
He said the proposal comes hardly four months after council’s decision to splash $38,000 on curtains at the town clerk’s new residence.
“There is no justification whatsoever for spending money on non-service delivery issues ignoring the deteriorating service delivery framework that residents grapple with on a daily basis,” he said.
Mayor Charles Chikozho could neither confirm nor deny that there were plans to buy a car for the town clerk saying council had not made such a resolution.
“Issues are discussed through committees who make recommendations before council passes them,” said Chikozho.
“As far as I know there is no such resolution. Even on the issue of the $38,000 curtains, a resolution has not been passed.”
Chikozho blamed some council employees whom he said rushed to residents’ associations with issues being debated at committee levels before they even come to council to be scrutinised.
He said residents should not just raise alarm over speculative issues but should also play their part by paying bills.
“Right now, very few are coming with their payment plans for outstanding bills yet they expect quality service delivery,” he said.