Apart from Mugabe all elderly folks are mentally weak, claims Zanu PF MP Maziwisa


ALL elderly people have a reduced mental and thinking capacity except President Robert Mugabe, Zanu PF MP, Psychology Maziwisa, has claimed.
Maziwisa said this while addressing a Zimbabwe Election Support Network public meeting on Biometric Voters’ Registration (BVR) in Harare recently.
The Highfield West MP said old age was one of the reasons people would be assisted to vote. He was responding to accusations that Zanu PF often hoodwinks vulnerable people into voting for the ruling party under the pretext of assisting them to cast the ballot.
“There are a whole variety of reasons why people can be assisted to vote-one of which is that one could be blind but are a registered voter; don’t you want them to vote simply because they are blind?
“Someone could be old and advanced age reduces your mental concentration,” said Maziwisa as the crowd shouted, “you have confirmed” that your President (93) is also mentally unstable because of old age.
But Maziwisa went on, “It (old age) reduces your mental faculty and there is only one exception to that and that is President Mugabe and there is only one exception and there have been so many people confirming that.”
“There have been ambassadors and so many people confirming that,” added Maziwisa after almost three minutes of jeering from the audience.
He wasn’t finished. “The fact that Zimbabwe has got the highest literacy rate in Africa,” said Maziwisa, “does not in and itself mean that everyone can read and write. It simply means that most people in Zimbabwe can read and write and what qualifies one to register as a voter is not whether he can read or write but whether they are 18 years and whether they are Zimbabwean.”
“So, there is a possibility that some of those people requiring assistance to vote are genuine illiterate people and you cannot argue that fact unless if you are the one who funded their education,” Maziwisa added.
Maziwisa’s claims come amid calls by the opposition for President Mugabe to step down because of his advanced age.
Mugabe’s critics argue that because of his advanced age he can no longer comprehend a range of issues. Often times, Mugabe is photographed sleeping during international conferences which he hardly misses.
But Zanu PF continues to claim that Mugabe is still strong enough to run the country. Already, Mugabe is the confirmed Zanu PF candidate in next year’s elections.
Maziwisa, a law graduate from the University of Kwa Zulu Natal, started as a strong critic of Mugabe until he was approached by his close friend, Saviour Kasukuwere, who was then youth and indigenisation minister in 2010.
As soon as he had become Kasukuwere’s advisor, Maziwisa began to pen hard hitting articles against opposition parties. This continued until he became a Zanu PF publicist and eventually an MP.