Tocky’s Former Manager Launches Music Career


DANCEHALL musician Tocky Vibes’ former manager, Elvis Bokosha, has stepped out of the shadows to launch his music career with a debut eight-track album, Shanda, set for release at the end of this month.
Elvis Bokosha (left) and Tocky Vibes Bokosha has so far released a series of hit jazz singles as he prepares to take to the stage.
Although Bokosha rose to prominence as Tocky Vibes’ and Guspy Warrior’s manager at a time when the two artistes’ music careers hit their peak, he was a musician before he became a manager.
“People only came to know me as Tocky Vibes’ manager, but before I started working with him, I had already released some singles. I was an artiste before I became a manager,” he said, adding that several years ago he had a stint as choir director at Msengezi High School.
The Boogies band frontman said he was pleased with the response he is receiving from the fans.
“I always want to make sure that I deliver for my fans. At first I wanted to concentrate much on singles, but for the sake of my fans, I will be releasing an album soon,” he said.
The Afro-jazz musician expressed hope that his debut album, featuring the tracks Shanda, Ndakakanganisa Baba, Kumafaro, Kudanana, Newe, Wandaireva, Munamato and Rudo (in collaboration with Terence Kuenda and Victor Sigauke) would propel his music career to dizzy heights.