Woman takes daughter’s lover to court after he offers derisory sum in ‘sex damages’


A MIFFED woman filed rape charges against her son-in-law as revenge after he offered a measly sum in “damages” for sex with her daughter, a Harare court heard Wednesday.
The ‘son in-law’ was identified as William Vhuta (46) and said to be a teacher at ZimParks’ Lake Chivero primary school. He has reportedly been living with the now 16-year-old daughter since she was 14.
Court heard that the relationship started in 2015 when the girl went Vhuta’s workplace to collect photos filmed during a school trip. Vhuta indicated that the images were yet to be processed and asked her to accompany him to some place he did not identify at the time.
Prosecutors said the trip ended at a local lodge where Vhuta allegedly raped the teenager once without using protection.
He reportedly gave the girl $10, pleading with her not to tell anyone about the incident. The attack remained a secret between the pair until January last year when Vhuta propositioned the girl.
According to prosecutors, the teenager consented but her friends reported the matter to their headmaster at Kuwadzana High 2. When confronted by school authorities over the illicit affair, the teenager denied having a relationship with Vhuta.
She later briefed Vhuta about the school hearing after which he took her to his aunt’s home where she stayed until April this year when her mother claimed her back.
Court heard the two maintained their sexual relationship even as the girl was now living with her mother.
However, hell broke loose on July 2 this year when Vhuta went to the girl’s home intending to pay damages, only to anger the mother who felt the money offered was too little.
She then reported the case to the police, leading to Vhuta’s arrest.
-New Zimbabwe