‘I thought I was going to be raped’


A young woman has been left traumatised after two cops allegedly sexually assaulted her in her home.

The 20-year-old Mitchells Plain woman has now laid charges against the officers, affiliated to the Lentegeur Police station.

Bionice Muller from Beacon Valley says she believed the officers were going to rape her when they forced their way into her home last Tuesday, searching for drugs and guns.

“I was alone at home and had just gotten out of the bath when I heard police in our yard,” she explains.

“The officers were at our house before. Three weeks prior they kept asking me to open the door for them and when I refused they threatened me.”

Bionice says after several threats, she covered herself with a towel and opened the door slightly.

“A cop shouted ‘maak oop die f***en deur’ (open the f****ng door). I placed a towel over me as I had just managed to put on a panty,” she says.

“The officer then asked me ‘who the * *** is home’ and I said ‘just me, uncle’.”

“He said he’s not my ‘f*****en uncle’.”

“I told them I can’t talk as I am not dressed but he came in and pushed me into the kitchen.”

She says a female cop told her to get dressed in the bathroom.

When she came out, the policewoman had left, and the two cops said they wanted to talk in her bedroom.

“They started asking me about guns and drugs. The house we are living in now for the past six months used to be a tik huis but I told them I don’t know about those things,” she claims.

She says the men threatened to hit her.

“I started crying, and one said ‘ons gaan jou vrek maak’ (‘we are going to kill you’). I was told to stand and one started squeezing my breasts and bum.”

She says another cop came in, saw what his colleague was doing, and left.

“When the officer left, one stood in front of me and the other behind me. They started saying how pretty I was. The one grabbed my breasts and said ‘dit voel lekker’ (‘that feels nice’),” she alleges.

“One put his hand down my panty. I thought I was going to be raped.”

“One asked if I had condoms, when I said no, he said, ‘ek gaan jou dan netso * **i’ (‘I am going to have unprotected sex with you’)

“He then put his fingers up my vagina!” she says before bursting into tears.

“He told me, ‘Ek is die law, ek kan doen wat ek wil’ (‘I am the law, I can do what I want’). They threw shoes in my face.”

“One even sent himself a please-call-me from my phone so he could have my number.”

Bionice says she can no longer sleep after her ordeal.

“I’m scared. What if they come back? He told me before they left: ‘Moenie slaap nie, ek kom vir jou’ (‘Don’t sleep, I will come back for you.’).”

Police spokeswoman Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana confirmed the matter was being investigated by the Independent Police Investigative Directorate.

By Sunday night Ipid did not respond to telephonic or email queries for comment.

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