ZRP Cops rob man of $2K, dagga at gunpoint


CHIPINGE: Three police detectives who robbed a Mozambican national of his $1, 900 and two 90 kilogramme sacks of mbanje at gunpoint appeared before a magistrate facing criminal abuse of office and robbery charges.

Detective constables Kusi, Gonamombe and Marichi pleaded not guilty when they appeared before magistrate Noah Gwatidzo.

They were remanded out of custody to Friday 19 for trial.

The court heard that the trio, on April 15, got wind that Farai Jimsen of Chibota Village in Mozambique was supplying dagga to the Chipinge community.

They hatched a plan to arrest him and decided to visit Jimsen’s homestead pretending to be buyers.

Jimsen then phoned his relative Caleb Muchakotama to prepare the consignment.

The following day, around 0800 hours, the cops arrived in Chibota where they met Jimsen at a local township and told him that they had come to collect the consignment.

Jimsen accompanied them to his homestead where they loaded dagga into a silver Toyota Noah and told him to get inside their car for $1, 500 payment they had agreed on.

Jimsen complied and during the course the detectives produced their identity cards and advised Jimsen that he was under arrest for peddling in dangerous drugs.

They tried to handcuff him but he resisted the arrest saying the cops had initiated the deal and had visited him in Mozambique.

The detectives reportedly assaulted Jimsen with open hands and booted feet.

One of the cops pointed a pistol at Jimsen threatening to kill him if he refused to comply.

They searched Jimsen and took away $600 which was in his pockets.

At around 1140 hours and the cops advised Jimsen to contact some relatives and tell them to bring him some money for his freedom.

Jimsen contacted Saute Ngezimani who assisted him with $1 300 which he gave to the cops.

They went to Checheche Growth Point police base where the cops took away dagga and money and ordered Jimsen to leave.

Jimsen then later reported his matter leading to the arrest of the ZRP officers.