Students call for Mangudya’s resignation over continued cash crisis


Harare (Mlondolozi Ndlovu) – The Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) has called for the resignation of the country’s Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) John Mangudya for the failing to deal with the current cash crisis which they said was badly affecting the education system.

Zimbabwe is facing a serious cash crisis which saw the government introducing the bond notes as part of its methods of dealing with the crisis, but this not solved the crisis with bank queues increasing by each day.

Schools opened for the second term whilst university are still open but most parents still failing to access their cash as banks fail to meet the demands of weary depositers.

Introducing the bond notes in 2016 Mangudya promised Zimbabweans that they were not going to fail adding that if they fail to work he was going to resign from his post as the central bank boss.

This afternoon, it looked like his words were coming back to haunt him with the ZINASU National leadership saying students were the most affected by the cash crisis as the campus environment allowed them to use hard cash which is largely scarce.

Speaking at a Press conference in Harare, fire brand ZINASU Secretary General Makomborero Haruzivishe added the student’s community’s call for a solution to this crisis.

“The current cash crisis is affecting the students so badly since banks queues are still there. As students we cannot swipe for our kombi fares and other needs, some students now spend time in queues trying to get their money and this compromises our education,

“The government is not concerned with our welfare as the students, they are not clueless but only concerned with power and wealth accumulation,” he said.

Haruzivishe demanded that Mangudya resigns as per his vow in 2016 adding that if he did not want to do so, the militant students union would force him to do so.

“We demand the resignation of the RBZ Governor John Mangudya since he promised Zimbabweans that if bond notes fail he would resign from his post. If he is lazy to write his own resignation letter we will write it and give him for his signature,” added Haruzivishe.

The cash crisis has since a decrease in withdrawal limits to as low as $50, a situation which has affected consumers who mostly rely on hard cash in the Zimbabwean economy which is highly informalised.