Man brags about starving his dogs for his Girlfriend


This Nigerian man Rukijamez Oruhas just taken to facebook to brag about starving his Pet dogs.

According to his facebook profiled he Lives in Asaba, Nigeria and he is From Ughelli;The #Higher you elevate your woman…??
#The Less she will be available to others??

Checkout some facebook comment below;

Kevin Spills Gossip mill delete dis ur post abeg my guy Rukijamez Oru dey feed e dog well na buhari regime cause am him nor be Davido brother wehn e dogs dey eat pass Nigerians at least
Victor O James When you know you can’t take care of those dog why having them.? And your girlfriend self shame no catch her to snap with those hungry looking dogs.. you get luck say Na 9ja you they.. if not Na inside cage you for see your self.

Azubuike Italo In Europe you go jail for this. Don’t you know it’s animal abuse. If you can’t feed the dog you let them go and look for food them self’s.

Adebimpe Adetiloye So she’s happy that her boo compared her to dogs. My dear, those dogs are waiting for u to be fat enough so u would be enough for them to eat… So nne, keep enjoying… Congratulations to the dogs in advance… #okbye