Girl Bites Off The Man.hood Of Her Rapist


A girl who was on the verge of being raped bit off the penis of her attacker. According to P.M News, a girl who was being sexually abused fought back her tormentor by biting off his penis.

From the pictures, the girl in question bit off the penis cap. According to the report, an unnamed couple went to a friend’s house in Lagos. A few hours later, the lady ran out screaming for help, saying she had been raped.

Few minutes later, the man, with blood all over his body, also ran out crying for help. The girl’s body was stained in blood so also her clothes and she had to be given another cloth to cover her nakedness.

The neighbors paid attention to the boy when they saw his mutilated man.hood. He was rushed to the hospital where the doctor demanded for the missing cap that was left at the scene of the incident.

It was recovered by the people and the doctor stitched it despite the discovery of the death of the cap. The injured boy is still lying in the hospital receiving treatment.

Conflicting reports say he had already finished raping the Girl and it was when he decided to forcefully make her Give him a blow-job that she struck.