Bev dances wild after ‘miscarriage’


Beverly Sibanda showed no sign that she had suffered a miscarriage five days earlier as she gyrated with reckless abandon like a possessed being to Dherira, a song by the alleged father of the child Andy Muridzo in Bulawayo on Friday night.

Bev performed at a joint birthday party at Private Lounge with fellow dancer Zoey Sifelani.

After telling fans that she had lost the unborn child last week Sunday, many thought she was going to take some time off from the stage because of the traumatic ordeal.

However, this was not the case as Bev sauntered into the nightspot just after 11.30PM and sat by the VIP area with two other female dancers from her Sexy Angels troupe.

They watched attentively the act on stage by two strippers and in between the performance would look over and giggle at what was unfolding in front of their eyes.

It involved two naked women, some soapy water in a bath dish and a lot of sensual touching.

However, when it was time to get on stage, Bev got off the couches spotting a leaner body.

She was in heels and tip toed her way to the dressing room to change.

After some moments, she leapt on to the stage and got down to business.

When revellers saw it was her on stage, they moved closer to catch sight of the action and Bev obliged.

For someone who had just suffered a miscarriage, Bev threw caution to the wind wiggling her waist, doing the splits and swinging off the pole with as much vigour as ever, maybe over compensating to wipe out the notion that she is not in top form.

Dherira, the song by Andy Muridzo, made up the epicentre of most of her dance routines with fans saying this showed that Bev was hung-over with love from the singer.

Zoey on the other hand showed why she calls herself the queen of the pole with some exquisite dances.

Next door at Club connect, ExQ was rocking the stage as he took fans back in time with songs such as Maidei and Mazirudo.

He got the crowd in a party mood as they sang along to the yester-year hits.

ExQ later belted out tunes such as Bhachura and Alleluya as the climax of his performance.

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