All African presidents are useless, but I will work with them- says Donald Trump


Delivering a speech that was also streamed live on his Facebook pages, Donald Trump spoke ahead of the United States presidential election of 2016, scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016 and said.

“I love everyone, black or white. I do not choose. Many people think I’m racist, but believe me I’m not. I will never turn my back on black people who voted for me when I’m president. I won’t say much about those who will decide not to vote for me. “said Trump.

Trump continued and said “Do not think of me like I’m one of those African presidents who rule with an iron fist and enrich themselves. For that I think they are pu$$ies, they should put their people first. They are pu$$ies, but I will try to work with them to bring change. ”

Trump said he is very concerned about African Americans, and he would like them to vote for him.

Donald Trump revealed that the only African leaders he fears is Robert Mugabe. He concluded his speech by praying for an hours in an unknown tongue.

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