New, strict civil servants dress code


Government has introduced a new strict dress code for civil servants, citing deterioration of dress standards in the public service.

The dress code, which includes barring female workers from wearing tight trousers, sleeveless tops and dresses as well as miniskirts among other, is also being applied to members of the public visiting government premises.

When the Daily News visited the Kaguvi Building, it witnessed inappropriately dressed visitors being turned away.

“The Public Service Commission has noted with concern the deteriorating standard of dress by members of the public service and has directed that the following standards of dress be maintained by members during the course of their duties in order to uphold dignity and formality expected of them,” a circular by the Public Service ministry, stamped on March 15 this year by the human resources department, read.

“Despite the complexity of women’s fashions, women should put on correspondingly high standard of dress.

“The following items are not acceptable when reporting for work: sleeveless tops, sleeveless dresses, strapped dresses or blouses, tops that have low necklines tight fitting trousers, jeans, see through garments and miniskirts.”

  • Nehandaradio