Sir Wicknell reported to the police over social media insults, to be arrested soon


Harare (Herald) – 

Controversial city businessman Wicknell Chivayo has been reported to the police for allegedly insulting Sunday Mail Features and Opinions Editor Garikai Mazara. The matter was reported under case number CR 2607/2/2017 at Harare Central Police Station yesterday. Reports say on Tuesday February 14, 2017 at 13.52 hours, Mazara sent a set of questions to Chivayo inquiring about progress of the Gwanda national solar project that his company, Intratek, is implementing.

Chivayo then referred Mazara to his project manager.

Mazara proceeded to write a story which was published on February 19, under the headline, “Chivayo explains ‘progress”, in which the project manager outlined work so far carried out on the project.

In some WhatsApp massages revealed to The Herald, Chivayo hurled insults and obscenities at Mazara.

“Urimbwa, unofa uchishupika. (You are a dog and you will die poor),” read one of the messages.

He went on to critique Mazara’s profile picture insinuating that he was HIV positive.

“On your profile picture muromo wakafunuka. I’m sure inzara and mapundu ese ayo, asi une Aids?” reads one of the messages.

Some of the messages contain unprintable vulgar language.

Police chief spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba yesterday said she had not yet received the case.

The flamboyant businessman is no stranger to controversy as he was once locked in a protracted dispute with the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) management who, for five months, refused to pay Intratek in the absence of a bank guarantee, given his 2004 conviction for fraud.

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