Acie Lumumba back from the dead


Lumumba ‘resurrects’ from political slumber

Harare (Mlondolozi Ndlovu) Former Zanu PF Harare Youth Chairperson and now leader of a little-known VIVA Zimbabwe political party has come out of his political wilderness after posting on his Facebook account reminding Zimbabweans that 2018 elections were now around the corner.

Lumumba ‘resigned’ from Zanu PF last year after a fallout with the Minister of Youth, Indigenisation and economic empowerment Patrick Zhuwawo over allegations of abuse of Zimbabwe Youth Council funds.

Lumumba then started his own political party-VIVA Zimbabwe which he launched a Harare hotel and was in the headlines for saying an F word against President Mugabe whom he accused of destroying the county’s future.

The 29-year-old controversial youth was then arrested and appeared in court in allegations of insulting President Mugabe.

He was released on bail.

The state owned tabloid newspaper then leaked videos of his sex escapades and nude pictures with a young lady.

Since then Lumumba had maintained a low profile.

Yesterday the VIVA Zimbabwe leader posted on his facebook account calling on Zimbabwean youth to remember that elections were drawing closer and that they must vote for ‘their future’

“Whether we care or not, vote or don’t WE are 16 months to the next Zimbabwe election. Our generation has to DECIDE to work together and shape a completely new narrative for our country (this is the hard option); or we commit to 5 more years of #statefailure (this is the expensive option)#iwillbevoting,” said Lumumba.

It is not clear which post the former Zanu PF and President Mugabe fanatic will contest in the next election since the constitution bars those below the age of 40 to contest for Presidency.

Lumumba contested the 2013 elections in Hatfield were he lost to the MDC-T’s Tapiwa Mashakada but was caught in rigging storm as he distributed fake registration slips to party supporters.