All factions no floods: Mugabe’s Matopo address proves Zanu comes first before people



Matopo (Mlondolozi Ndlovu) – The world’s oldest leader President Robert Mugabe on Saturday addressed thousands of party supporters who had attended his 93 birthday celebrations in Matopo but the nonagenarian shocked many as he never said anything about the floods currently ravaging some parts of the Matabeleland provinces.

The Central Protection Unity (CPU) had to evacuate people from some areas early last week, with hundreds losing their properties due to the floods caused by cyclone Dineo.

Government ministers led by the Tsholotsho MP and Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Professor Jonathan Moyo visited the affected families a few days before Mugabe’s birthday.

Surprisingly Mugabe addressed his party supporters in a speech that lasted for over an hour but never mentioned the issue on floods and how the government would assist the victims of this natural disaster.

While the event was a private function one would have expected Mugabe to have said something about the floods but the ageing leader only discussed part of his life history, factionalism and succession in his party, a bit on bond notes, command agriculture and the need to set up the national youth service.

In his address President Mugabe expressed what he referred to as ‘our problem’ saying this was the party’s factionalism but nothing on the plight of the flooding victims.

“I want now to refer to our problem, problem, problem, apparently unending problem of these divisions, divisions in the party. We want a party which is intact and united.
When we say let’s be united, we will be saying let’s have the unity that binds us at heart, binds us also intellectually. True, true unity. The party has a programme, the party as we are saying is based on a party constitution and the party constitution provides how people can get elected from one position to another. So, why, why, why want to try to circumvent the constitution?,” said the ageing leader.


Mugabe’s love for power at the expense of the plight of the citizens was once again exposed as he thanked the party youth league Chairperson Kudzai Chipanga for last year’s ‘million man march’


“It was only yesterday when they decided on organising a One Million Man March. Only yesterday and people poo-pooed the idea and said they can never do it. But the youth said they will do it, they can do it. We said fine, do it, and they did it.


“They did it and surprised everybody. Never before has there been an organised one million man march of the dimensions that we saw,” said Mugabe who has ruled Zimbabwe for the past 37 years.

The birthday bash was also attended by diplomats, representatives of liberation movements and ruling parties in the southern region.