Zimbabwe to chase away all Indians in the country, to stop Gupta syndrome affecting them


Harare – An official in Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party, Cde Shaddy Mashayamombe has said that he plans to force government to chase away all Indians in the country, in a scathing Xenophobic attack condemned by analysts all over the country.

Writting on his Facebook wall, Malver Mkudu wrote,

“My objective was to try as much as possible to protect the identity of this woman,hence i took this picture as far as possible.

Zimbabwe woman fetches water outside an Indian home

Too many Zimbabweans think this is cool. Fetching water outside the yards of our Indian friends. We pray to God that Cde Mashayamombe’s wish to get rid of Indians does not come to pass because there would be a huge humanitarian problem in urban areas.

Now this woman in question, young and very beautiful i must admit when i got closer. She was also washing her cars tyres using the water she is getting from this borehole. The fact that she goes to this borehole means she cannot afford to buy water like those in Borrowdale do.

In her mind she is entitled to this water, its her right. She probably does not think that clean water should be coming out of her tap at home. If she does, she complains about it a lot and sometimes posts angry posts of the dirty Harare water. Beyond that she neither has a plan to fix it nor the commitment to support a cause to fix the problem.

My question then becomes when the Indians become tired of giving us water what next? Do we intend to leave our kids with this very same problem?”

Mashayamombe’s comments were shocking to say the least…