Tikoloshis accused of bedding teachers in Zimbabwe


Mutare – “Goblins” are reported to be having sex with female teachers at a school in Zimbabwe’s eastern Manicaland province, a state-run newspaper has claimed.

In a detailed report, the Manica Post said the attacks by “tokoloshis” (goblins) started at Chishuma Primary School in Odzi last June and are ongoing.

Two female teachers confirmed the attacks and said a pastor from a local church had conducted prayers to try to get to the bottom of the drama. He did not succeed, apparently.

“Mysterious human-like objects, believed to be tokoloshis are allegedly having forced sexual intercourse at night with female teachers at Chishuma Primary School in Odzi in a real-life drama whose script reads like folklore plucked from Gothic literature,” the Manica Post said. The head of the Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers’ Association George Kandiero told the paper: “The solution comes when the people affected find a genuine traditional healer who can cleanse that.”

The paper is part of Zimpapers, the publishing company that also runs the Herald and the Chronicle. Tokoloshis have been reported before, often in connection with money-making enterprises.

In 2014, a Mutare MP was forced to deny publicly that a tokoloshi had been found at his business premises. Three years earlier, the Chronicle said that the demand for tokoloshis (some of them imported from South Africa) was “outstripping supply” in Bulawayo and the eastern city of Mutare.

  • News 24