Zanu PF must explain source of money – MDC


Harare (Mlondolozi Ndlovu) – Professor Welshman Ncube’s MDC has demanded that Zanu PF must explain its source of money used to purchase its 365 cars saying it was weird for the ruling party to be spending so much when the country lost 15 billion in diamond revenue.

In December, last year the ruling party announced that it had purchased 365 vehicles for its activities, but critics have questioned the source of this money amidst alarming levels of poverty in the country.

Fears have been allayed by a number of analysts in the country, 2017 is set to be a hectic year as parties including Zanu PF will channel their energies towards the elections.

In statement, Professor Ncube’s MDC have warned that Zanu Pf should not be left using unaccounted funds in preparation for the 2018 polls, saying the source of money they used in purchasing the vehicles.

“The Announcement by Zanu pf that they intend to purchase 365 cars ahead of 2018 general elections raises eyebrows. The Movement for Democratic Change MDC is demanding an explanation on the sources of money being used by Zanu pf to purchase the cars for their crusade,” said the party’s spokesperson Kuraune Chihwayi.

Chihwayi highlighted that it was shocking for the soon to be 93 year old President Mugabe’s party to be splashing thousands on vehicles when they have not accounted for the missing 15 billion dollars from diamond revenues.

“The purchase of such a huge number of expensive vehicles at a time the country is broke and nation dumbfounded after President Mugabe’s confession over the disappearance of  15 billion dollars in state coffers needs an explanation. Zanu is  panicking and certain of the embarrassment on their way,” he added.

The MDC said they were going to demand explanation from the ruling party adding Mugabe must ‘come clean’ on the missing 15 billion.

“We are demanding an explanation from President Mugabe and Zanu pf on the origin of the money used to purchase the cars and buses. The MDC is challenging Zanu pf and its leader Robert Mugabe to unconditionally disclose the source of their resources and come clean on its intended use.

“They must also update the nation on the progress of their investigations regarding the disappearance of the 15 billion dollars realised from diamond sales. Zanu PF must convince the nation that it is smart and sincere in as far as public resources in their custody are concerned. We have a right as a Zimbabwean political party to make an honest demand for clarity wherever and whenever we suspect a criminal activity,” said the statement.

Zanu PF has been accused of using state resources to fund its campaigns and with the 2018 elections around the corner it is very likely that they will siphon state resources to cushion their fading hegemony.