Woman bashed by father in law for throwing away marijuana


Hurungwe – A Chidamoyo, Hurungwe woman, Concillia Magaramombe, was brutally bashed by her father in law for literally sweeping his dagga stash away.

One would be positive that Bob Nesta Marley would indeed be proud of this senseless love for Cannabis Sativa and THC inhalation. It goes without saying that one has lost his marbles if he wereto destroy his immediate family due to the love of this illicit plant.

The father in law, whose name remains unknown, apparently beat the living  daylights out of  his daughter due to the fact that she was bold,  (or stupid) enough to sweep away his valuable mbanje stash under the pretext of cleaning the house

A visibly distraught Concillia, could be heard protesting her innocence, going on to claim that she has never before seen Marijuana and therefore she did not know what she was doing and is therefore innocent of any wrong doing. She goes on to apologise.

Her father in law will have none of it! He insists she is a naughty woman who is constantly up to no good and lacks scruples. He goes on to say that she threw away his sack of cannabis to spite him.

Magunje police are reportedly investigating the matter.