Girl Searches Ex-Boyfriends Faeces For Gold


A Zvishavane lady was left disgusted on Friday the 23rd of December after her former boyfriend made her search his faeces for gold nuggets. The girl, identified as Emilia Bhururo had visited her gold panning former boyfriend promptly after he called sources say.

According to sources, Spencer Mundengu, the boyfriend claimed to have gotten a killing during his exploits. He called his ex-girlfriend that he had found gold which could be worth a lump-some of $1,320 o the market, however on arrival he said he had swallowed it during over excitement.

In a bid to recover it, the girlfriend offered and agreed to dissect the faeces and look for the gold, she reportedly even cooked sadza and mixed the relish with a few ingredients that would make the process quicker.

After he had gone and defecated a couple times and no gold had been found. Emilia was devastated to here Mundengu mention that he had lied and had been seeking revenge for her gold digger tendencies during the time they were together.

Sources closer to Emilia said, there are not going to take the issue further.

Mundengu was not remorseful, “Ndakamupa pamwe pekuitira gold-digging.” (I made her gold dg my faeces) he said.