Mugabe nephew labels social media cyber morons over Mugabe tree planting video


Harare – President Mugabe’s nephew and Zanu PF information officer Jason Zhuwao yesterday blasted social media users for calling Mugabe to frail after a video of him failing to shovel sand circulated on social media.

Zhuwao took to Twitter to write:

“President Mugabe is a head of state and government elected to occupy office not to plant trees #cybermorons”

Zhuwao was reacting to news reports on a social media frenzy that followed events on National Tree planting day.
One news outlet wrote:
“Robert Mugabe gave his critics an invaluable propaganda gift at the weekend and further cause to demand his exit from power when he was captured in a video footage fumbling with a shovel in an attempt to plant a tree at a Masvingo event. The 92-year-old leader, dressed in a white overcoat, with his wife Grace and aides watching what was supposed to be an “historical” event of the country’s President planting a tree, did the exact opposite. With the young plant already in the hole and only waiting for a few shovels of soil around it from the Zimbabwean leader, Mugabe is seen instead scooping out a small portion of soil next to the hole and returning it to a bigger heap just by the side of the hole. “
Speaking to The Southern Daily, Zhuwao said over-eager and over-ambitious cyber morons were keen to discredit his uncle, the president over the most irrelevent of things.
“The question on the fitness of the President to hold office is and ought to be judged visa-viz his decision making regarding matters of state, and performance at the helm of government. To make uproar over tree planting is akin to judging a soccer player’s ability by watching him shoot a game of pool, and then arguing that his failure to win a game of snooker is proof that the soccer player ids no good in football.
“It is tom foolery at its best, and moronic to say the least. The fact that this even leads to uproar is shocking”, added Zhuwao