SA High Court bans doom spraying Prophet


JOHANNESBURG: The Limpopo Health Department has obtained a court interdict in a bid to stop a controversial Limpopo ‘prophet’ from spraying doom on his congregants.

‘Prophet’ Lethobo Rabalago made international headlines after photos of him spraying insecticide on his congregants’ faces went viral.

The so-called prophet claims God instructed him to do so.

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC)is also investigating whether there has been any rights violations.

The provincial department’s Derik Kganyago said the department had wanted Rabalago to first be mentally evaluated, and then last week they applied for the interdict in the Limpopo High Court.

“You will remember that at first we wanted him to be mentally evaluated because this is unhuman. You can’t spray Doom on people as it has health hazards.

“Now we have launched an interdict to stop him and his church from spraying people with Doom, and the High Court has granted [it to] us.

“We grew up knowing that Doom will cause health hazards on people, and this pastor is spraying it on people.”

Tiger Brands, which manufactures Doom, is on record saying the spraying of its product in people’s faces was “alarming and extremely concerning”.

“We want to make very clear that it is unsafe to spray any Doom or any aerosol onto people’s faces.

“Doom has been formulated to kill specific insects, which are detailed on the cans, and the packaging has very clear warnings which must be adhered to,” the company said.

In 2014, another South African preacher north of the capital Pretoria urged dozens in his congregation to eat grass for healing. In 2015, the same preacher made his congregants drink petrol promising it would cure their various ailments.

At the time, television news channel eNCA reported that congregants who had consumed petrol were seen collapsing and rolling around the floor with symptoms of nausea\

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