Cape Town TVs new darling shows love for Winnie Mandela


Most little girls dream of growing up to light up the television screens with their smiles. For some, it actually materializes to a career path whilst to others it remains a common dream. Well for, Cape Town TV’s new darling, Thulisa Patience Dyantyi the vision manifested through a show known as Hype It up.

Hype It Up is a fairly new music show which focuses on promoting emerging artistes from around Africa and Thulisa presents on the platform. We managed to catch up with Thulisa so she could give us some insight on herself , television and entertainment.

A nursing student, afro-centric, lateral thinker whose impact will be soon felt across African media.

Thulisa, told us that television had allowed her another avenue of self expression in front of a larger audience. The damsel said, it allowed her to showcase her personality and get to express it however she wanted.

thulisa-patience-dyantiShe revealed that if she had a chance to pitch a show outside of entertainment and music it would be one that would discuss social issues affecting  real African families, young women and children.

“Would call it Africa Today because it is all about what Africa is today.”

Her Afro-egocentricity has always been something she feels proud of as evidenced by a video on her YouTube channel where she talked about how she had to finally embrace her African self, skin tone and so forth.

Yhoo, although am not a big television star I am teaching myself one thing, to take television as a job and not a lifestyle. That way when cameras switch off I know that am the same old Thuli and all I need to do is to develop my own personality and not think am a Celebrity, no am not and I won’t be because being a celebrity is a lifestyle that I don’t want to have.”

She said to reassure that she would not let the flashing lights of the entertainment scene blind her, blur her vision or corrupt the soul of who she is as an individual. The South African princess also went on to say she did not have many to look up to as far as Hollywood stars were concerned.

“Would love to sit with these women Michele Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Lupita Nyongo and Winnie Mandela,” She however confessed before going on to zero in on the South African icons she respects.

thulisa-dyanti-hype-it-up“Winnie Mandela, Madosini love the fact she is pushing indigenous traditional IsiXhosa music, Noma French Mbombo provincial health minister I love the fact she first started as a domestic worker before becoming a professional nurse since am also completing my nursing degree I look up to women transforming their nursing careers.”

She had much respect to also give to Masechaba Ndlovu as far as broadcasting is concerned.

“Masechaba Ndlovu, young woman…when it comes to television and broadcasting she is my icon, I remember in of her television interviews she said ‘dont study journalism to be in medial only, study something else so that you can have more insight and information on relevant issues,’ and I went to audition the next day. I belittled myself because I hold no media qualification or skill but she motivated me I love her voice too. And lastly, Thuli Madonsela… I just have to. South African Public Protector,” she giggled.