Blesser Burns Girls House


Cindy Bala called trouble for herself when she told her 62 year old sugar daddy it was over. The 35 year old lady did not know that her blesser would not take it well.

The sugar daddy first vandalized her house windows about four times before going on to slash her new younger boyfriend’s tyres when the car was parked his car nearby, according to the woman.

The blesser went on to curse her by burning the entire how. The house is now in ashes.

Cindy alleges that the old lover-boy told her that he would revenge for her decision to live him. She said after visiting her boyfriend on  Monday  she returned home the next dayto the bad news that her house had been set alit.

Neighbours claimed to have t5ried to help but were overcome by the strong flames. An unidentified source said, it looked very well planned.

Cindy  virtually lost everything. She has since opened various cases against the assailant.

“He can’t accept that I don’t want him anymore. He sends messages begging me to come back but I have a new man now.” She was quoted saying.

Cindy revealed the various crazy text messages from the old man to our correspondents.

“He tells me that I’m his medicine and his foundation.

“I am frustrated because cops won’t arrest him, saying I don’t have evidence.”

The woman said she had actually left because of his abuse.

“He used to beat me after we had encounters,” she said.

“Now I’m living in fear because he cannot let go.

“I fear that he will end up killing me. Thank God I wasn’t home – I could have burned to death.”

The old man only had this to say, “You are with her and you tell me kak!” before dropping the phone.


Orange farm Police is working on the cases and said it was investigating.