Council to contain dumpsite fire in 2 days, Mayor bemoans slow progress on waste-energy conversion


Harare – Harare’s City Council working with various strategic partners and well wishers should be able to consume the fire that has engulfed its Pomona dumpsite for the last two days, sending layers of thick choking smog and smoke across all surrounding neighborhoods.

The fire is said to have started around 0200hrs on the 6th of November due to excessive temperatures that have hit the Southern Region in Africa.

It has become somewhat of a yearly occurrence, with the site catching fire as many as 3 times in as many years. The city of Harare has been seeking partners to invest in the establishment of a waste energy plant at Pomona landfill as the city looks forward to generate energy through extraction of biogas.

The Mayor of Harare, Ben Manyenyeni bemoaned the slow progress regarding the matter of converting waste to energy as the reason for the disaster.

Responding to concerns raised by a resident on Facebook, the Mayor said,

Our failure to conclude waste2energy programmes has proved costly in environmental terms.

The resident had earlier noted the following

Credits: Sam Sif (Facebook)
Credits: Sam Sif (Facebook)

In response, the Mayor added that the fire had not spread much throughout the night.

A citizen video below, shows the extent of the toxic fumes emitted by the fire.