WATCH: Jonathan Moyo Deputy sent to remand prison for corruption


Harare – Deputy Minister of Higher and Tertiary education , Dr Godfrey Gandawa will enjoy the supper of salted chips, four cans of coke zero, 6 oranges and 4 bottles of water in remand prison tonight after his bail ruling was set for tomorrow morning.

Gandawa faces charges of abusing ZIMDEF funds alongside his Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo who did not turn up for court today. The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission has been investigating the politicians and senior managers at the parastatal since July 2015.

ZACC investigators argued that the accused is not a good candidate for bail as he is likely to interfere with witnesses and investigations.

“The accused has already doctored documents to conceal his crime and we fear that he may continue and frustrate investigations “ said the ZACC investigator.

Defence counsel however dismissed the fears as baseless as his client has not interfered with state witnesses or investigations since the investigation started in July.

The case is expected to resume tomorrow morning at Rotten Row Magistrate Court.


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