Girlfriend barges into man’s bedroom, insults wife, taken to court


Harare – A CITY woman appeared before Harare civil court magistrate Yeukai Dzuda yesterday facing accusations of barging into her boyfriend`s bedroom and insulting his wife.

Edina Banda was dragged to court by her boyfriend’s wife, Maria Matau who accused her of violating her privacy by barging into her bedroom whilst she was in bed with her husband.

“Edina violated my privacy by barging into my bedroom while I was sleeping with my husband.

“On top of that, she insulted me and called me an old woman and that I no longer deserve to stay with my husband I should pave way for her because she is still young,” she said.

Maria further told the court that Edina approached her after the incident and attacked her before being restrained by her husband.

“She then approached me some other day and attacked me and my husband is the one who restrained her.”

Edina partially admitted to the accusations but claimed it was Maria who provoked her.

“I admit that I am having an affair with her husband but I dispute some of the allegations because she is the one who actually provoked me to act in such a manner.

“She lied to her husband that I phoned her when in actual fact I did not so I sent her a text message to ask her the reason why she lied against me and she responded in a provocative way that is why I confronted her,” she said.

Edina did not oppose Maria’s application for peace order since she (Maria) is the one who stays with the man in question at their matrimonial property.

“I am not opposed to the application being sought by Maria because she is the one who stays with the man in question and he only visits my place of residence,” she said.

The presiding magistrate Dzuda granted Maria the order that she sought and Edina was ordered not to text, phone or visit Maria’s place of residence for the purposes of causing violence and to keep peace with her all the time.

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