Trevor Dongo withdraws charges against vendors who gave him a beating


Harare – URBAN grooves musician, Trevor Dongo, has withdrawn charges against three vendors who attacked him last Friday at Fife Avenue Shopping Centre.

The Ndashamisika singer had a dispute with three vendors after he confronted them for selling pirated copies of his CDs.


He had filed assault charges at the Harare Central Police station under case number CR 2907011 and was supposed to appear in court yesterday but has since withdrawn the charges.

Speaking to H-Metro, Dongo said he decided to withdraw the charges for the sake of peace.

“I have a lot of things to deal with right now and it is not worth it for me to be going to court with such a matter so I decided to withdraw the charges.

“I am a peace loving person, and I have been advised by my management, fans and family members to drop the charges to end all this drama,” he said.


Narrating his ordeal, Dongo said:

“What really happened was that I was buying tomatoes at Fife Avenue shops.

“As I was about to leave the market, the street kids took my food which I was eating and fled.

“As I was walking going to my flat I them saw the same guys selling my pirated copies of my CDs and confronted them for selling the CDs.

“As I tried to take the CDs they were selling, that’s was when they teamed up and started assaulting me.

“Three of them started assaulting me and when I fled from them, one of them whom I had taken the CDs from then followed me and continued assaulting me.

“The assault lasted for some minutes until police officers came and restrained us,” said Dongo.

He added that he is still nursing wounds from the brawl and he is currently receiving treatment at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals.

“I am still recovering from the attack but I still have injuries on my lip as well as on my forehead.

“I am receiving treatment at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals,” he said.

Dongo is not the only musician to have been attacked by pirates after Stunner had a scuffle with vendors at the same spot.


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