Stop using the tribal card, ZAPU warns shamed Moyo


Mlondolozi Ndlovu

Harare – The Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU) has warned Professor Jonathan Moyo to stop using the tribal card instead let the law take its course in his alleged corruption scandal where the Minister diverted money meant for ZIMDEF to his own use.

Professor Jonathan Moyo has hogged the lime light in the publicly owned, privately owned and social media after he diverted over 250000 meant for the students.

Moyo however came to his own defence on twitter saying he indeed took the money but only did it to develop Tsholotsho a place in Matebeland which he said has been underdeveloped and rather saying he was being persecuted by tribalists.

But ZAPU a political party which largely draws much of its support in Matebeland where Jonathan Moyo hails has said the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education should stop using the tribal card.

“Instead of pulling the tribal and factional card, Prof Jonathan Moyo should allow the law take its course, have his individual rights to a fair justice system and be investigated for these allegations and an above board judicial process be followed,” said ZAPU spokesperson Iphuthile Maphosa.

The political party also highlighted that the Zimbabwe Anti- Corruption Commission should be allowed to investigate anyone who is involved in corruption, noting the current government was corrupt including President Mugabe himself.

“We also call upon ZACC to give the Minister the benefit of mentioning the names of those government officials he knows to be equally corrupt and they too be investigated and tried within their constitutional legal and justice rights for it is not a secret that the government of President Mugabe is corrupt right from the President himself to the very last officer in government,” added the former liberation movement which is now led by Dumiso Dabengwa.

The party said corruption in the party was deep rooted and all Zimbabweans were supposed to shun it at all costs.

“Whether or not Jonathan Moyo stole ZIMDEF funds, let law take its course. Indeed Prof Moyo should carry his cross and clear himself or save time if found on the wrong side of the law. ZACC, the police and judiciary has the responsibility to rid the country of corruption while Prof Moyo has the obligation to prove his innocence.  

The same goes to all government officials and employees-it is their obligation to come clean on corruption and fraudulent activities. The nation is near death because of the deep rooted corruption and all well meaning Zimbabweans should condemn it with the contempt it deserves,” they added.