Prophetess strips naked during service, chases congregants


Chitungwiza –¬†There was a chaos on Saturday when a self ordained Apostolic Prophetess stripped naked during a service, and chased congregants in Chitungwiza, a town 30km South of Zimbawe’s Capital, Harare.

The unidentified Prophetess commonly known as Madzimai Ridiolyn is among the top leaders of the Johanne Masowe Echishanu shrine in Chitungwiza.

It is reported that, a senior prophet named Madzibaba Bond Gumira (no relation to bond notes) had whispered to the prophetess that she had evil spirits which need cleansing.

The prophetess then went into a trance chasing innocent congregants all over the place, with unknown intentions.

The woman was eventually tied down, and calmed down, before being expelled from the shrine.