Mangoma calls for disbanding of Zim Electoral Commission


Harare – Former Minister of Energy in the inclusive government, Elton Mangoma has called for the dissolution of the country’s election management board Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) saying the institution was a mere extension of Zanu PF and was solely responsible for the disputed elections.

Speaking to journalists in Harare on Tuesday, Mangoma who now leads the Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ) has said despite the calls by electoral reforms by other political parties within the National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA) the major reform was the disbanding of ZEC.

“The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to be fully disbanded both commissioners and staff,” he said.

“The commissioners are an extension of Zanu PF for instance Mai Joice Kazembe has come back and we are not going to see anything different,” he added.

The opposition leader said the credibility of the country’s much disputed polls could only be ended if managed by independent bodies like UN, AU and SADC were to take over the country.

“For the country’s elections to be free and fair they have to be administered by someone who is not contaminated by Zanu PF. General elections have to be managed by UN/AU/ SADC,” said the former Makoni legislator.

Zimbabwe’s elections which have been marred with controversy could also be dealt with by the use of the national identity card instead of the voters roll which he said was exclusionary to some members of the society.

“ The voters roll in Zimbabwe has been used as a tool for excluding citizens from voting and therefore a systematic rigging tool by Zanu PF using ZEC. This is why both the voter’s roll and ZEC must not be used in the forthcoming elections,

“We call upon voting using National Identity documents. Voting with IDs is easy and much more cheaper and can also assist those who are intimidated, if for instance you are intimidated in the rural areas you can run away and still vote in wherever you run away to,” he said.

Mangoma emphasized the need for the 92 year old Mugabe to step down and a road map for the next elections be put in place in the next six months.

“ The rallying call is that MUGABE MUST GO and ZANU PF MUST GO. The speaker of the National assembly would become acting President and elections be held within six months,” he said.