Patson Dzamara released after being called in by police – Official Statement


Harare – Pro-Democracy activist Dr Patson Dzamara who was summoned to report to Harare’s Central Police Station was today released without charge, after police engaged him on the matter of his brother’s abduction almost two years ago, as well as obtaining a statement regarding physical abuse he recieved when he was arrested earlier this year.

Below is the full official statement

As you aware, i am dutiful law abiding citizen. Following the request for my audience by the Zimbabwe Republic Police, earlier today I went to Harare Central Police Station, to honour the summon.

Upon arrival, I participated in two highly professional meetings for which my presence had been required and requested.

Initially, i met with the ZRP PR department. The inspector responsible requested and noted a statement from me regards the torture I endured at the hands of police when I was arrested on the 8th of June, 2016.

Forward to that, I met CID law and order department with the officer commanding Harare and some of his team members. They essentially gave me an update of what transpired in my absence regarding the abduction of my brother Itai, whose whereabouts remain unknwon till today.

Whilst i am unable to go to greater details about the meetings, for various reasons, i can confirm that both engagements were highly friendly and professional.

However and nonetheless, i still hold the position that state security agents are not acting in good faith regarding what happened to my brother Itai Dzamara. I have never reneged from that position.

Their friendliness today is, and was a welcome shift in policing attitudes. It is a welcome gesture, and one i sincerely wish will persist, and one which other citizens can be afforded as well. But it perhaps a pebble by the mountainside, and not enough to sway the position i hold, and hold to be factual.

Without any reservation, I still boldly declare that the abduction and subsequent disappearance of Itai Dzamara was carried out by state security agents, particularly the military intelligence. Again, I challenge anyone who believes or knows otherwise to prove me wrong.

Until they account what they did to my brother, it’s game on. Until we cross over into the new Zimbabwe, it’s Aluta Continua.

We have come very far, in such a short space of time, but we cannot stop, must not stop. Not now, not soon, not ever.

At times, it may appear that our efforts are small, laughable even, yet with action of courage and bravery, we gain a yard in our quest. The yard maybe invisible, but it is still a yard.

This was attested by a symbolic development after my meetings.

As you may remember, when I protested in front of Mugabe and his minions on the 18th of April at the National Sports Stadium during the independence day celebrations the flag which I wrapped around my neck was confisticated by state security agents who tortured me.

I have been demanding it ever since then and today I could not take no for an answer. I told them I wasn’t leaving without my flag and they gave in.

It may be a small token in the grand scheme of things. But i will keep demanding anything of ours be returned. The flag is a start.

We must now continue to demand that they return my brother, they return our freedom, our democracy, our economy, and ultimately, they must return our country too.

We will not take no for an answer.

Zimbabweans, we can, we will and we must liberate ourselves out of the hands of Mugabe and his surrogates. We shall continue to use peaceful and legal means to take our country back from this mafia.

We have no time or room to be afraid of them. We are not afraid of them and we shall overcome.

A new and better Zimbabwe is possible in our lifetime. We shall come face to face with it.

Kusvika vati eke.

Dr. Patson Dzamara