Linda Masirira granted bail, BUT will not be released


Harare –  High Court Judge, Justice Mangota has ordered the release of activist Linda Masarira who has been in custody since her arrest on 6 July 2016, but the stalwart will not be released today as she is set to appear in court at Mbare Magistrates Court tommorow.

The high court judge ordered the immediate release of Lynda Tsungie Masarira earlier today.

Fellow activist Patson Dzamara gave the update on Facebook.

She however won’t be released today. She is appearing at Mbare Magistrates Court tomorrow for the case which she was denied bail on the grounds of the warrant of arrest which was nullified today.

This means she will be able to get bail for her pending case and she shall be released tomorrow after her appearance at Mbare Magistrates Court. Let’s all come to Mbare Magistrates Court tomorrow at 8.30am and welcome back our heroine.

On a different issue, I have consulted with my lawyers and will be going to the police tomorrow with a lawyer. It is well.

A new and better Zimbabwe is possible in our lifetime. We shall come face to face with it.


Dr. Patson Dzamara


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