Zim Initiative for Good Governance & Democracy honours sick elderly destitutes


Harare – Zimbabwe Initiative for Good Governance and Democracy (ZIGGD) an association which is aimed on enhancing democracy, human rights, general good governance and other basic citizen’s needs today honoured more than 20 old, sick and destitute citizens of Hatfield, whose social protection nets have been eroded by the harsh economic environment for the past years.

According to Help Age Zimbabwe, the elderly citizens’ account for about 6% of the country’s population, but the government has failed to take care of that small population compared to other nations which gives their elderly incentives to cater for health and food as one of their basic necessities.


According to ZIGGD chairperson Edwin Dzambara food is a basic human right but the Zimbabwean population has been limited to it by the government “ Food is a basic human right,……..The old aged group is vulnerable, suffer rejection, lack recognition and are neglected by their relatives, neighbours and the government at large”

While Allan Chimbetu handed over food hampers to the elderly Dzambara had this to say “As ZIGGD intends to go an extra mile by providing immediate solution to the plight bedevilling the citizens. We do hereby, today provide basic hampers of essential commodities to our elderly folks, and it’s our sincere hope that this will relieve them from being viewed as a humiliation stock”

Unlike other organisations that help Zimbabwe’s impoverished population without educating and equipping the community for change, the organisation informs the community about their rights and engages itself in any developmental operations in the country including the NERA demonstrations “We always support any progressive force towards emancipation of human beings in Zimbabwe so that we usher in a better standard of living, ZIGGD is part of the NERA movement …….and the thrust behind it is for proper developmental issues that will help sustain human life in Zimbabwe and this can only be done through proper governance and proper system of allocation of resources.

Once fully operational and financial stable the organisation seeks to extend its arms nationwide and equip the community at large “We pray that as we continue operating and engaging others to help financially we want to spread to the marginalised areas and equip them with information that they have rights to basic needs, decide who to run their country among other issues” Edwin Dzambara said.

In white shirt reading (Edwin Dzambara Chairman of ZIGGD), stripped shirt Allan Chimbetu