Defiant Patson Dzamara returns to Zimbabwe, to appear in court


Harare –¬†Defiant human rights and pro-democracy activist Dr Patson Dzamara has returned to Zimbabwe where he is set to appear in court at 0830 this morning.

Patson Dzamara had travelled to the United States of America nearly a month ago, where he delivered a petition to The World Bank, demanding that they re-consider their bid to finance President Robert Mugabe’s under fire regime.

He also coordinated protests at the UN General assembly, and traveled around different cities mobilizing Zimbabwean citizens to join in the protest movements demanding that the government fix the country.

Dzamara’s return lays down fears propagated by Zimbabwe’s ruling party Zanu PF, that the activist had fled to the United States to seek asylum.

On his Facebook page, the activist continued in his usual defian mode despite facing a mountain and array of charges.

In an earlier post, announcing his return to Zimbabwe, Dzamara stated that he was glad to have returned home, and would continue the fight.