Mawarire meets Nigerian billionaire Dangote


Harare – Self exiled Pastor and #ThisFlag founder pastor Evan Mawarire has claimed he met Nigerian business mogul Aliko Dangote and ‘told him Zimbabwean Ministers loot money’.

Dangote is a Nigerian business person who came to Zimbabwe last year amidst much hope from the ruling party that his coming would bring a lot of hope to the suffering Zimbabweans as he would invest in the country.

He then sent back his technical team to access the country’s investment environment and since then he has never came back to the country.

Later on Dangote released the list of countries in which he would invest in but Zimbabwe was never on the list which analysts described as a sign of lack of investor confidence in the country.

Posting on his twitter account, Pastor Evan Mawarire of the #ThisFlag movement has boasted that he advised Africa s richest man Aliko Dangote not to invest in Zimbabwe as President Robert Mugabe s ministers would loot the money.

“ And then I told Aliko Dangote that in Zimbabwe government loot investors money #ThisFlag @ThisFlag1980,” said Mawarire posting a picture with the billionare on twitter accounts.

Meanwhile Mawarire was joined by Patson Dzamara who is brother to the missing activist Itai Dzamara,   at the UN headquarters and claimed they met the UN top officials to give pressure on the Zimbabwean government.

“We come a long way. At the UN knocking on every door telling out #ThisFlag story @DRPatson @ThisFlag1980,” said Mawarire on his twitter account, in a picture with Dzamara.