New Ndebele king to be named in 2017


Bulawayo – CHIEFS from Matabeleland on Saturday joined hands in pushing for the revival of the Ndebele monarchy, with revelations that a king has been finally chosen.

Speaking at an event to mark the 148th anniversary of the death of Ndebele nation founder King Mzilikazi Khumalo at Mhlahlandela in Matopos, Chief Vezi Maduna Mafu from Filabusi revealed that a new king had been identified.

“The Ndebele are determined to have their own king,” said chief Maduna. He added: “I have been tasked by the Khumalo Clan to inform you that a king has finally been chosen. I hope all of you are pleased with this announcement. We know such decisions come with disagreements within the family as they undergo the process,” he said.

However, Maduna emphasised that the heir would remain a guarded secret saying the new king will be unveiled and installed at next year’s commemorations after the completion of some traditional.

Chief Nhlanhla Felix Ndiweni from Ntabazinduna accused the government of deliberately blocking the restoration of the Ndebele Kingdom.

“It seems Zimbabwe has got difficulties in accepting a monarch who hails from Matabeleland. Restoration of the Ndebele Kingdom won’t be hard work. Our current constitution already HAS devolution of power and acknowledges the idea of a federal Zimbabwe,” said chief Ndiweni.

The chief said the government should institute all the necessary constitutional and legal changes required for the establishment of the monarchy.

“We are raising the game up to a different level. In essence this part of the country is looking at nothing less except than a federal government so it must have a constitutional monarchy in place “he said.

Mhlahlandlela settlement was established by King Mzilikazi just outside present day Pretoria in South Africa in the 1820s before relocating to Zimbabwe. Mzilikazi died on September 9 1868 and was buried at Entumbabe in the Matopo Hills. His son, Lobhengula took over from him a after a brief civil war.

Lobhengula was the last king after a British Pioneer Column, led businessman Cecil John Rhodes and his friend Leander Starr Jameson, destroyed the feared Ndebele kingdom in 1893.

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