Man kills self over prostitute


Harare – In a bizarre incident, Chrispen Zhuwaki (40) from Musweti farm murdered his dear wife Beauty Gomo (36) by chopping her four times on Thursday 8 September 2016, according to police.

It is alleged Zhuwaki was irrigating his tobacco bed few kilometres away from his house when his deceased wife was busy dishing sex goodies to an unidentified businessman.

Sources close to investigations said the possessed man murdered his wife by slicing her four times in the head with an axe and locked the corpse in his bedroom for three days.

“Allegations are that the accused came to his house earlier than expected by his cheating wife and saw a car parked next door where his aunt lives, little did he know that the car parked was for his wife’s boyfriend.

Upon arriving he was greeted by funny noises and screaming in pleasure for the juicy act since patience pays he waited on the door to see who were enjoying the forbidden fruit since his aunt is a widow.

Zhuwaki got the shock of his life when he saw his wife coming out kissing her boyfriend since he was in a state of shock the businessman managed to escape.

He later took Gomo to their bedroom  where she begged for mercy but Zhuwaki could not take it and was green with envy to the point of sending her back to her ancestors by axing her four times in the head,” lamented the source

It is further alleged that the murderer tried to flee but he was caught by members of the neighbour hood watch after an alert by the aunt who was absent on the day but sensed unusual appearance on Zhuwaki  and alerted police there by resulting in his arrest.

Police sent the Gomo’s corpse to Mvurwi hospital for a post-mortem  on Saturday after retrieving it from a pool of blood in the room.

Efforts to contact Mashonaland Central police spokesperson assistant inspector Petros Masikati were fruitless as his mobile phone was power off up to the time of this print.

Meanwhile, cases of murder in Mashonaland Central are on the decrease according to police.


Source – Byo24News