Highlanders fans demand Mugabe must go after beating Dynamos mercilessly


Bulawayo – Highlanders Football club yesterday completed a double over their long time rivals Dynamos in an exciting castle lager premier soccer league match played in Bulawayo, with the match marked with protest shirts, music and gestures.

The rival between Dynamos and Highlanders is arguably the greatest football match in Zimbabwe such that not only goals are scored on the pitch but also political goals.

Time to go? Highlanders fans bay for Mugabe exit
Time to go? Highlanders fans bay for Mugabe exit

What makes this match more interesting is how Dynamos is seen as a symbol of Zanu PF hegemony, as it was formed in 1963 the same year Dynamos was formed.

Highlanders FC supporters also view themselves as radicals who constantly use the football team to voice their concerns.

Going into the match #ThisFlag pastor Evan Mawarire had ordered soccer supporters to sing the national athem in the 36th minute.

Despite the failure by the fans to do as the pastors’ request, they were moments of protests against President Mugabe’s government.

One of the protesters Hapson Ncube was donning a shirt inscribed Mugabe must go.

After the match fans could be heard singing ‘Sesitshaye iDynamos sokusele iZanu’ (We have beat Dynamos we are left with Zanu).

They also sang songs in memory of Gukurahundi victims as the police watched in aware at the end of the match, with the main song being ‘UMugabe wabulala obaba bethu,” (Mugabe killed our grandfathers).

Meanwhile, the leader of Zimbabwe People First (ZIMPF) leader Joice Mujuru vis setvictims of Gukurahundi massacres in Bulawayo.