Open letter to Saviour Kasukuwere







By Godfrey Tsenenegamu
Following your utterances Mr Saviour Kasukuwere in the state media as reported in the Herald of Thursday the 18th of August 2016 in a story titled “Kasukuwere Disowns Lumumba, Tsenengamu” in which article you did seek to disown me and distance yourself from me by saying you never mentored me as an ill-disciplined youth who has no respect for party leadership.

I want to put it on record that before making this response today , I personally called you on Friday the 19th of August 2016 to confirm if indeed the statements attributed to you by the state media were actually your words and you confirmed by saying “aah mhanduwe ndozvave kuitika mu ZANU.PF yacho iyi tinenge tichingopindurana tichienda tozviona mberi ikoko , regai zvinoitika zvingoitika”

Firstly, I don’t remember making any claims publicly or privately that you are my political mentor and hardly understands why you would say so today. My assumption now is maybe you were saying so in response to an address by Mrs Grace Mugabe at a party function held in Harare at the City Sports Centre where she alleged that some party leaders were responsible for the rampant indiscipline by some youths whom they have been associated with. Your utterances smacks of a man desperate to cleanse his battered image and is now clutching at straws.

I want to make it clear to you and all that, in my last press statement released on 04 August 2016 I publicly pronounced that you incited me to level certain allegations against Paddy Zhanda, Tendai Savanhu ,Nicholas Goche, the late Amos Midzi, Ministers David Parirenyatwa and Sydney Sekeramayi which allegations I had not elaborated in the previous statement I still stand by what I said as you really did instructed me to expose the above mentioned for being double agents who would then by day stand by Ex-VP Mujuru and then at night meet at Zhanda’s premises to plan for the ascendancy of a supposed “Dark-Horse” in the succession race which dark horse you said was Minister Sekeramayi and l did exactly that at the State House meeting. It was by God’s grace that the above cadres survived the chop during the 2014 purges in the party ZANU . PF and I am not sure if they ever knew that you were the person behind those attacks.

I have not and would never claim political mentorship from a self -proclaimed biggest political thug and the worst commissar Zanu .pf has ever had .True to your nickname which goes as Tyson,you are the man who has managed to turn the party into a typical boxing ring where political fights have become a permanent feature on the party calendar .

Why would l claim political mentorship.from you as a pronounced tribalist and regionalist who is waging a tribal war against other tribes through your super zezuru agenda . I challenge you to deny that you are waging a tribal war against other party members before l release to the public a recorded audio of you openly boasting of pushing that shameless and filthy tribal agenda .Yes you are pursuing a tribal agenda against the karangas and l have the evidence to expose you.

Why would l claim political mentorship from you, a power -hungry “Mafikizolo” and opportunist politically bankrupt and is an unashamed and ungrateful beneficiary of Mrs Mujuru’s political escapades as she is the one ,with the help of the late Border Gezi.who invited you to join the party in the Mashonaland Central Province in 1999 at which point you also fought your own blood brother Dickson Mafios and wrestled the province youth charmanship from him and proceeded to buy out one Chanda to step down and pave way for you ahead of the 1999 National Youth Conference held at the University of Zimbabwe where you got elected to become Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs?

Why would l claim political mentorship.from an alleged gay who didn’t come out clean on the gay allegations as was claimed by Mr Temba Mliswa sometime ago. Instead of bothering to distance yourself from me and your self imagined mentorship of Tsenengamu , why wold you not seek to clear air on your alleged unclear relationship with a W .Pritchard, the then Mutare -based original owner of Commercial Transport which you now owns and runs as Com Trans .You must come clean on the above alleged relationship or affair whatever that you may feel free to call it,which relationship ran during your tenure as a driver for the then Manicaland Provincial Intelligence Officer Mr Gwaradzimba.

Why would l claim mentorship from you , a misguided someone and directionless nepotist who is not even ashamed of wanting to turn Mashonaland Central Province into a Kasukuwere province as you openly places your brothers and close relatives into strategic and key party positions while sidelining non-relatives to the peripheries. l can‘t have your as a shameless nepotist for a mentor,never.

If l may ask , when have you become a loyal servant and follower of Mr Mugabe when you are the one who pioneered in rejecting Mr Mugabe’s leadership as way back as 2007 and 2008 when you were part ot the bhora – musango crew that wanted to push Mr Mugabe out of office and you were working from behind the scenes encouraging Simba Makoni to challenge Mr Mugabe ? Instead of seeking to disown me, you must instead tell the party and the nation what your role was on the day Simba Makoni launched his MKD party . You must stop the holier than thou attitude and pretend being Mr Mugabe ‘s staunch loyalist and supporter for you were the first to realize that Mr Mugabe has according to you then over -stayed at the helm of the party and nation before some of us did .

Do you remember when l still was district youth chairman for Mt Darwin Urban when l came to your office in 2007 seeking to get t-shirts for a ward clean -up campaign ahead of the 2008 general polls, you instructed me to go and collect the t-shirts with the help of your driver from the Graniteside which t-shirt were inscribed “Centre Striker ” with the portrait of Mr Mugabe which move to you was a dummy as you were part of the people who were against President Mugabe for at that point you indicated to me that Mr Mugabe was on his way out and we need not bother ourselves about him and you said so after l had expressed myself on the absence of a vigorous campaign for the President ahead of the 2008 General polls??

Do you still remember what you said about President Mugabe for dropping you from his cabinet in 2008 ? I called you the day your name was missing on the first 2008 Cabinet list before you were sneaked last minute into the Cabinet as Youth Minister and you said this referring to the President “Zvinonetsa kudealer nemunhu asingatende , anyway munhu wacho is on his way out .”
lf l may ask , when has the same ungrateful Mugabe become your man?
In 2014 during the period Mrs Mujuru was being ousted and on the evening before Mrs Mugabe’s 2014 rally in Masvingo while we were at Number 53Selous Avenue here in Harare ,in the presence of Sandi Moyo who was helping herself to wine, myself and Batsirai Musona you blamed Mnagwagwa for keeping Mugabe in power for a long time and you indicated then that Mnangagwa has no chance to be the President for he squandered his opportunity by letting Mugabe in power for long .l challenge you to dispute this and l will further expose you.

May you also publicly refute my assertions that you hurt and despise Mrs Grace Mugabe as an “amateur” political boxer who does not know where to direct a blow ,how and when to punch the rival and what has to be said and what must not be said in public. I challenge you to publicly refute what am saying here.

Do you still remember that day we came to your former private office at 53 Selous Avenue when you indicated to us that you were just coming in from a crucial meeting to which you had been summoned and you told us that you were advised to jump ship and abandon Mujuru for President Mugabe had planned a devastating blow to Mujuru by way of unleashing his wife but you then expressed your worry in that you fear that you were not sure to which extent Mrs Mugabe would go as she may become an uncontrollable king-maker or a replacement for Mrs Mujuru as a Woman VP since you were in support of the elevation of Mrs Edna Madzongwe to the vice Presidency as a weaker candidate and you later calmed down saying “First things first izvo zvemukadzi wake tozvozviona pave paye ” and my question is since when have you become a sincere and staunch supporter of Mrs Mugabe ?

Mr Kasukuwere are you not the one in 2012 just before the disbandment of the DCCs who instructed the late Dugmore Chimukoko as Mazowe DCC Political Commissar to convene a function in Mazowe to mobilize the Mazowe people against the unending allocation of land to Mrs Mugabe by the then Provincial Governor Mr Martin Dinha?

Lastly Mr Kasukuwere have you forgotten so fast that when it was alleged that the then Harare Provincial leadership had denied Mrs Mugabe the opportunity to rise to her current position via Harare Province you also turned down the suggestion by Batsirai Musona to offer her the chance through Mashonaland Central since she had become part of us through her Mazowe projects and you said we are capable of leading ourselves and don’t need to import another problem to the province? Now we see you on the front saying “Munhu wese Kuna Amai ” and some of us who deeply know you question your sincerity .

Please stop accusing me of doing that which you have always been doing.
l know you very well that you dislike Mr and Mrs Mugabe from long ago and if by any chance you have “repented ” and started liking the Mugabe family again please just do so quietly and don’t pretend to be holier than all of us .

My free advice to you is , before you try to cleanse yourself before the party and the nation ,instead seek to come clean before your father ‘s family and put an end to the confusion that you have brought into your father ‘s family though your alleged power-seeking ritualist tendencies in connection with those graves at your rural homestead in Matope ,Mt Darwin .

If that is not enough for you to do ,may you also help to shed light on the Chimoio Shrine rites which you individually did in April 2008 . For now l temporarily rest my case while l await for your response to enable part 2 of my response Yours Awaiting for the response