Prophet lures women to river for baptism, then demands sex


Chinhoyi – A 28-year-old Chinhoyi prophet with the Johanne Masowe eChishanu has been accused of luring women to a secluded river under the pretext of spiritual cleansing while pestering them for sexual favours.

Nesbert “Jaji” Chimulambe, who is married, is accused of using his position as a prophet in the church to indecently assault female congregants in the name of helping them.

When contacted for comment, Madzibaba Nesbert refused to say anything but instead used a woman to threaten to get this reporter for trying to make Nesbert comment on the allegations.

“Zvinosungisa zvauri kuita. Hazvisi pamutemo infact ndoda kutokusungisa nazvo,” said the woman.

One of the victims said Nesbert was helping her with her spiritual problems and told her to go to Hunyani River for cleansing and he allegedly followed her.

“He was helping me with prayers so he said I should go to the river for cleansing. I went there alone and when I got there I took off my clothes and started doing the ritual.

“I was startled when I saw him behind me. He then started to fondle me and asked to sleep with me. I managed to escape from his grasp and went home.

“I reported what had transpired to one of the church elders. I have never stepped foot at their church again because I felt betrayed by a man I thought was helping me with my problems,” she said.


Another ‘victim’ is a married teenager.

“I am 17-years-old and I am married. I was having problems in my marriage and Madzibaba Nesbert was helping me. He said I was to be cleansed because I have an evil spirit in me.

“He took me to the river and stripped me. He then started to fondle me. I then screamed and he got scared. I asked him what kind of a prayer that was and he apologised.

“I threatened to tell his wife of what he had done but he in turn threatened me saying if I told anyone about what had transpired he would ruin my marriage for me.

“I did not go to the police but I confided in one of the church prophets and told them what their fellow prophet had done to me.

“It is so disheartening because I thought I was going to get help but instead a man of God tried to force himself on me. I am sure he has not done this to me alone but many women have fallen prey to his actions,” she said.

It remains to be seen how the church will handle the matter.

“We punish prophets who are accused of such behavior by stripping them of their titles and forbidding them to be part of the church’s leadership. But it seems like it is not really helping as we are receiving many cases of indecent behaviour from prophets,” said a senior official.