Ncube must lead the opposition coalition – MDC youth


Harare – An official from the Movement for Democratic Change led by the former Industry Minister Professor Welshman Ncube has thrown his weight behind his party President to lead the much awaited coalition.

Zimbabwean opposition political parties are currently in a bid to create a big coalition to challenge Zanu PF in the upcoming 2018 Presidential elections.

Smaller political parties under the banner of the coalition for democrats (CODE) are currently the only existing coalition though plans are high that they might be a bigger coalition for 2018.

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai and People First leader Joice Mujuru last week had a join rally in Gweru a move described by observers as the most likely possibilities of a stronger coalition.

On Friday next week, opposition parties are planning what could be a blow to the 36 year old hegemonic rule of Zanu PF with a demonstration on the need for electoral reforms.

Presidents from 13 political parties will converge in the capital for this watershed demonstration, which if successful could signal bigger plans against the failed Zanu PF government.

But the MDC national organizing secretary Shephard Dube has said non among the coalition parties is suitable to lead the coalition but his party President who he described as “untainted”.

“I think in terms of comparison with the leaders that are available, we have those that are tainted, those that are incapable and those that are capable, the most capable of them all is Professor Welshman Ncube that goes without question,” said Dube.

Despite the fact that the MDC has faced a number of defections of senior party members Dube said the party was based on members and not sympathizers un like other parties

“It is also common knowledge that the MDC led by Professor Welshman Ncube has the stable structures and systems. Its support base and membership is based on members not sympathizers, we will know that others get to support because they were beaten by police while others get support because of the way they were booted out of the ruling party,” he added.

In what could rattle other opposition leaders Dube said Tsvangirai could be good as the deputy to Ncube in the much awaited coalition.

“He may be deputized by the MDC-T President Morgan Tsvangirai considering his experience leading in the opposition politics,” he said.